D5100 - Can't enable HDR function

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Buzz Lightyear wrote:

RMC74 wrote:


1. HDR will still work if ADL is set to "Auto"

2. Bracketing must be off (as soon as I turned AE bracketing on, HDR greyed out)

3. Yes, HDR only works in PSAM modes, not in any other auto modes.

I hope this helps.

You are correct, RMC74. Actually any choice under the CUSTOM SETTING MENU "Bracketing/flash - Auto bracketing set" will work (doesn't have to be "ADL bracketing"). Although I'm not sure what the difference is between the "Auto Bracketing" function set through CUSTOM SETTING MENU, and the "Auto bracketing" function accessed via the "i" button. By the name, they appear to be the same, but the function accessed through the "i" button must be set to only "OFF" in order for HDR to work.

The "Auto Bracketing Set" in the menu is simply to choose, which of the three settings you want to set up for your "i" button.  Whichever one you set in the menu is the only one you will be able to adjust when you use the "i" button.

I have mine set to AE bracketing in the menu, so when I go to the bracketing setting with the "i" menu, I can only select the settings for AE bracketing (from AE 0.5 to AE 2.0 stops).  If I were to choose WB bracketing in the menu, the bracketing selection in the "i" menu will only work if you are shooting JPG and will bracket with three different WB exposures.  If you choose ADL bracketing in the menu, the only choices you will have with bracketing in the "i" menu are off and ADL.  The difference with ADL bracketing over the other two bracketing choices is it will bracket two pictures instead of three.  One picture with ADL at its current setting and one picture with ADL off.

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