Need candid feedback on my work...

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Re: Need candid feedback on my work...

The overall quality is very good. There are a few issues I'd work on:

  • The cross-process filter can polarize your audience, some may like it others may not. Not saying you have to loose it, but just think for a while if you really need it.
  • Consider toning down the post processing, particularly the over-softening of skin and the excessive sculpting of the shirtless men. Not saying don't do it at all, but subtle may be better, just slightly toning it back might make the images a little more natural.
  • If possible get a wider variety of models (easier said than done, I know). For beauty and fashion we all want young beautiful people but having one or two images of slightly older "distinguished" looking models can show you can be versatile.
  • Try to cull down your selects, fewer images is ok if it means less repeated poses and settings.
  • Keep shooting, you have good work, don't stop, make more, find more models, get different faces and scenes so you don't rely on a handful of settings.
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