The RAW vs JPEG debate

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Re: The RAW vs JPEG debate

Alfred Molon wrote:

seilerbird666 wrote:

That was taken in RAW. And guess what, you can post process jpg images in Lightroom.

Once again you are expressing your ignorance. That is a Western Tanager. It is one of the most colorful birds on the planet. The colors are accurate. Get yourself a bird field guide.

It's not just the bird, also the background of that image has pretty strong colours. Overall the image looks overprocessed.

So the image is over processed (overprocessed is not a word, you still need a spell checker, I don't care how many languages you speak) in your opinion. And since that image is over processed you think for some reason that means that it is a problem of RAW??? Boy you have a lot to learn about photography.

I live full time in an RV travelling all over the country. When I was in San Diego last spring I was staying at the Santee Lakes campground. I was looking out my window and a Western Tanager landed in the tree next to my RV. They are very rare birds and I was lucky to get a shot of one. He was in heavy shade. I was inside my RV and I took a shot of him through a window. If I had been shooting jpg the shot would not have come out at all. I was able to get a shot in RAW that I was able to post process into a nice shot. I really don't care if you like the shot or not, I like it a lot.

The fact that you think it somehow says something bad about RAW shows just how little you know about photography. The fact you think that shot says something negative about RAW is hysterical. In fact the shot shows off what RAW can do that jpg can only dream of.

Your "facts" are funny. You are really desperate. What are you trying to prove? How about you show me some of your out of camera jpgs that are so wonderful that they don't need any post processing.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my photos.

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