D 800E Wedding Photographers please comment

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Re: D 800E Wedding Photographers please comment

calson wrote:

The D800 is in my opinion not a good choice for wedding photography. The file size is too large and overkill for with images ending up as either small pics for an album or at most a 20 x 30 print and usually prints no larger than 12 x 18 or 11 x 14. While it is possible to shoot in DX mode that negates the benefit of a FX camera with lenses like the 14-24mm f2.8 and the 24-70mm f2.8.

I would sooner use a D700/D3s/D4 for wedding photography. I still end up with over 25GB in RAW image files after a wedding and with all the conversions and album pages and backups it totals over 50GB for each and every wedding.

Overkill, maybe, but you will have the option to make sharp enlargements of any size you wish to make.  With the 12MP body you do not have that option.  As to having 50GB for each wedding, Who cares???  50 GB will fit on one single double density Blu-ray disk (about 7 bucks).  Retention time of > 20 years makes it perfect for archieving your work.

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