How bad is the Nikon J1 AF?..............

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Re: How good can the Nikon N1 AF get?..............

jonikon wrote:

bibi0012 wrote:

I am very confused now by your comments. I never thought ISO would have effect on AF performance. I thought AF is affected by the amount of light entering the lens only. Maybe someone can shine some light on this. Thanks.

It's not the ISO per se but rather the intensity of the light hitting the sensor that determines when the camera switches from the fast PDAF focusing to the slower CDAF focusing. Using a larger aperture lens will cause the PDAF to be used in dimmer light which would be around 3 EV for an f2.8 lens according to DPR's review of the J1. Using the 18.2 f1.8 lens that should drop down to 2 EV, or possibly even less. That performance would be comparable to some of the better DSLRs.

- Jon

Plus there's a 32/f1.2 on the way. A while back, there was even some f1.0 and f0.7 'crazy talk' too.

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