Confirming "New" and "Unused": 5D Mark III

Started Nov 19, 2012 | Discussions thread
CameraCarl Veteran Member • Posts: 5,567
Re: Confirming "New" and "Unused": 5D Mark III

I've never bought a 5D Mark III but based on other Canon purchases:

Canon does not seal the boxes.

See if the bag and wrapping the camera is in looks tidy and not sloppily repackaged.  The eye cup should be in its own bag and not installed on the camera.

Look for the owners manual, CDs and literature in a plastic bag that doesn't look like it has been opened.

The camera should ask you to set the date and time when you first start it up. The battery will need to be charged first.

Reformat a card in the camera before taking the first photo and then check the image number.  It may not be 0001 but ought to be rather low.

Trust that you chose a good vendor. Hopefully you bought from a reputable dealer, so you shouldn't have problems.

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