Are you worried about the D800's build quality?

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Re: Are you worried about the D800's build quality?

FrankG wrote:

A Owens wrote:

Well it does not particularly worry me but my 800e does feel very light and plasticy to me and not a quality product at all. However I am sure the technology inside it will be obsolete long before the body is worn out. It is built to a price and an appropriate quality level and I am grateful for that.

Light and Plasticky ??? Not a quality product ??? I think you are having a laugh - are you sure you got a real one!?

Mine feels very solid (also quite heavy) and definitely a very high quality product. I expect it will last the next 10 years or so.


No, I am actually making a serious point. Try a Canon 1dsII for comparison and see what I mean. Mine feels like it will do another 2m exposures but alas the internal technologies are completely eclipsed by the D800. So I for one am grateful to Nikon to build a somewhat lower quality body around the most advanced electronics available in the 35mm domain and make it available at a highly attractive price. Uber-high quality bodies are really wasted money when obsolence of the electronics is always so close.  
Hope that makes sense.

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