Sigma DPM vs. Sony RX-1

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Re: Sigma DPM vs. Sony RX-1

richard stone wrote:

But why have anything against Foveon and Sigma, which managed, against all odds, to produce an excellent sensor that competes well against Bayer mush, particularly considering the amount of opposition presented by various folks? And considering Sigma's limited budget...

I dont have anything against Sigma and Foveon.

I try, the best I can, to look at it from a reasonable objective angle.

Sampling all three layers in the same point is good. Then you dont have to reconstruct colors based on something measured at some other point. Its also a waste of hardware, as you can reconstruct quite good.

That the layers are not RGB is bad. The conversion degrades the image.

The complicated structure of the pixels is bad. Noise is MUCH higher than for ordinary sensors.

Lack of AA filter can be discussed. The LiNb birefringent filters used are questionable. And the aliasing you get without the filters is a double edged sword, it gets sharper, but full of bogus data.

So - if someone invents a real RGB sensor that samples all colors in the same spot, and with better noise behavior, then I assume Sigma will have problems. And if this sensor also contains it own AA filter and has a near to 100% active area, so you can omit micro lenses, then even better.

Until then, I assume the next generation Bayer, that probably have 30-40 MP for APS-C and 50-75 MP for FF, will put some strains on the sales of SD1M, and maybe also DP1/2M, depending on if we will see more cameras like sony RX-1.

Thats all.

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