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Gary_Scotland wrote:

miatamich wrote:


I wouldn't get too hung up on equipment. Your abilities as a photographer will be much more important that whatever gear you choose. The crop of cameras and lenses made in the last few years is stellar. There have been tons of great photos made in the past several decades with equipment that doesn't hold a candle to what's made today.

I couldn't agree more. In my view a 'poor photo' is most likely to be attributed to the person holding the 'equipment' and shouldn't be blamed on the equipment itself - e.g. either the choice of camera was not the right one for the shot they were trying to get, or there is still some skill/development needs for that camera or for 'photography' in general.

I think you are quite right too about the great photos made over the past decade on cameras that so many folks would now critique as being 'worthless/useless'. I have personally not yet seen a photo from a 2012 camera that demonstrates any significant difference from one taken several years ago. It is interesting how 'marketing strategies' have started to change people's perceptions too - 'Noise reduction' has become a huge issue now, with that a lot of the current digital cameras far out reaching what any 'film' could have done in the past, yet 'we' complain if a camera starts to get noise above ISO 800.

It would seem that over the years, and perhaps caused by marketing methods, there has been a major shift withing photography - away from 'art' and towards 'science'. Those who like 'art' will look at the photo and those who like science will do the pixel peeping



I couldn't agree even more. My introduction to digital was an entire 2004 winter of evenings spent with a Coolscan and a bulky folder of 35mm negatives - some of them half-frame from a 60s Oly Pen F, and some of those a little grainy from even using Tri X (instead of ISO 50 Pan F)! A number of memorable ones among those ancient, primitive shots.

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