Apple step-up a gear at milking customers - anyone else feel the same?

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Re: Apple step-up a gear at milking customers - anyone else feel the same?

probert500 wrote:

Apple's been doing this for years - remember when they arbitrarily cut off which machines could run osx - a simple hack over came this. I'm on a mac pro 1.1 - no mountain lion love here - although there's a complex hack that enables it.

It's what they do but they seem to be doing it faster and harder.

I have too much invested in the platform to leave it but I avoid them when I can - android for phone - cowon for mp3 player etc..

Also consider that OS X took a lot of processing and graphics power to run well in the first place. Apple will always support a good amount of configurations with every update. Lots of old Macs were simply not worth getting OS X on.

Nothing new here at all. How old is this Mac? 6 years? Might the main reason for it now not running ML just be the fact that ML needs an EFI in 64 bit rather than 32? Anyway, I don't even want to upgrade my hardware if it's that old. It's had it's life and can continue to the end of its days with the OS version that still runs on it. A mac mini from 2012 will run circles around this Mac Pro.

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