D300s Upgrade

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Re: D300s Upgrade

bobn2 wrote:

paperlime wrote:

Currently shooting with a D300s. Wanted to upgrade in the next year and would like to get some feedback to which SLR would be the best choice. Thanks.

If you want to upgrade your D300s, why not find a high class cabinet maker and have him put a hardwood burl polished handgrip on it. Your own version of the Hasselblad Lunar, only more personal.

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You're right that the handgrip of the D300s could be improved - bring back the 'pro' interlocking card door like on the D200, I say!

To the OP, why not pick up a V1 on the side, for less than the price of a mere grip for the D800? Have some fun while waiting for the D7100/D7200/D400/D9000 to show up.

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