G1X - Just a few from the Cairngorms NP in Scotland

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Re: G1X - Just a few from the Cairngorms NP in Scotland

Rod McD wrote:

Thx jhal, that’s a different take on it.

FWIW, I didn’t want to place people in the shots of the moor and the castle. The overwhelming character of the site is the location of the white castle in the incredible emptiness of the moorland. And that’s coming from an Australian who’s used to “empty” landscapes. I’ve got truckloads of shots of more popular castles literally crawling with tourists. This is because you simply don’t have any choice - they’re just that busy. For me they don’t add anything much, except perhaps scale. I usually find photos of beautiful old buildings of less appeal when they are swarming with modern humanity…… Strangers in riotous synthetic colors distract me from an ancient place, appearing in every otherwise mysterious corner or doorway, swilling their take-out coffees, talking on their iphones, holding up their ipad cameras, etc, etc. I find many scenes of ancient places evocative without all that. That’s not a rule cast in stone of course – sometimes exactly the right figure will add immensely, but you don’t tend to see them when ten summer tourist buses disgorge their contents into a European castle.

I suppose that travel photos aren’t usually special to other viewers. But if it wasn’t special to us the traveller, no-one would bother to do it at all. We’d just buy a postcard of some-one else’s photo taken on one of those days when they did get stunning weather and light. We take them because it’s our story, our journey and our angle on the place.

Cheers, Rod

Nice photos & well said.

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