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sebas77 wrote:

Ulric wrote:

sebas77 wrote:

thanks for the answers...what are the choice for a decent 17mm or 20mm pancake? And what about a fish eye?

I need to check for the price as well

The Panasonic 20 mm is the only pancake lens I would consider. Why are you only interested in pancakes?

not much of a choice then. The reason is that I want a really compact camera, to take with me every day inside my (man) bag.

I have already a Pentax k-5 and yes, I was considering to buy a pentax Q, in fact I am puzzled about which one to go. E-pl5 has a better IQ, but the lenses are also more expensive.

My wife likes her Q because she can fit it in her smallest purse and the built in flash comes in handy.  I like the camera a lot from a gear geek perspective... super tiny, great build and fun to use.  All that said, the image quality, while good for a compact, is just not remotely close to the file quality you will get from the OM-D or E-PL5 with a 20mm/f1.7.

I personally think the E-PL5 and 20mm will be a small package and, most importantly, it won't have you wishing that you had brought your K5 once you see the output.

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