Input on the 50-200mm on E-620's and E-M5's requested

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Good combo

When I was an "active photographer"  Shooting with 4/3 gear, I always loved the 50-200 (old version and new) on any camera I used it on, Like the 510, the 520, the E-1 and the 620.

Since I'm more or less "old school" and learned to shoot with film in the late 50's and early 60's I was very used to actually carrying the LENS and treating the camera body as an "attachment"..

So the balance of the 620 (and even smaller bodies like the G1, G3, 410) didn't seem "off" to me.

Carry the weight of the lens body by the lens (in the left hand) and the fingers of your right hand are free to walk all over the body and press any button or do manual focus if you wish.

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