A99 at a (very poorly lit) concert, some observations on advanced features, and questions.

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A99 at a (very poorly lit) concert, some observations on advanced features, and questions.

The situation:

1.  I am coming from a900, so still a real newbie with the EVF and more advanced shooting features.

2. This was really non-critical shooting, so I took a little (but just a little) time to experiment with new features.

3.  Situation - poorly lit and cluttered stage, lighting at the back of the stage often brighter than that on featured performer.  And very reddish cast.

4. I do not often shoot concerts, the last one was about 2 years ago!

In retrospect, this is an overly challenging situation for the more advanced features such as AF-D, object tracking, face recognition. And perhaps the photographer.

I started out with all three above features activated, which may be a mistake -first question -  do they conflict with each other in any way?- and turned them off one by one:

First, face recognition, since it was recognizing other round objects such as guitar rosettes and stickers on the amps.

Second, object tracking, for pretty much the same reasons as above.

Third, AF-D.  Honestly, I almost always use spot or local AF and I just couldn't get with the program of letting the camera choose it for me.  It just wasn't going where I wanted it to go.  Second question - what are the best situational uses for AF-D?

third question:  In what order would you have turned off these features?

fourth question. Finally, on A (or for that matter S) metering, here is my EVF question.  I understand (conceptually) why the stage lights "pulse" in the EVF but I felt like this pulsing might be giving the camera different exposure readings for basically the same scene.  Any EVF thoughts or experience to share on this front?

So after a few performers in this concert, and still not being really able to get a good grip on the advanced focusing features and any auto metering method, I went back to M metering and spot + recompose AF.  Best shot of the evening (yes it is "underexposed"  but that is kind of the way it looked and suited the mood of "Lover, You Should Have Come Over", by Jeff Buckley):

Mike Linkens and the Jennys, Jeff Buckley birthday tribute at Arlene's Grocery, New York City

Interested in you ideas, or point me in the direction of forum answers, please! and thanks...

Sony Alpha a99
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