Computer screen with both Canon G11 and Canon G15.

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Re: Wouldn't it have been better........

Dimitri Khoz wrote:

Mark Ehlers wrote:

Hank3152 wrote:

digitalcuriosity wrote:

tron555 wrote:

Just posting a bunch of screen shots without explaining why you are posting them does not make any sense! Doing that makes you look, well, you know what I am saying. Think about it is you can.

You just do not read this forum. If you had you would understand why I posted them. Maybe someone else has the time to explain this. I just don't feel like doing it.

I see you have another thread posted in this forum without any text which is the reason for the confusion and from what I understand you are displaying them because someone had asked for samples from owners of both cameras..........right?

So why didn't you just include them in the other OP's thread who was asking in the first place? Most people don't read every thread in a forum so them asking what your point is makes perfect sense.........


I believe that the name of this thread and pictures posted

are pretty much self-describing.

I do not see any need for further explanations or "points" to look for.

Thank you for your examples, digitalcuriosity,

much appreciated.

I will surly be more careful, to better explain my pictures  if I post pictures again.

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