From NEX-5N to NEX-5R....Huge disappoimtment

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Re: From NEX-5N to NEX-5R....Huge disappoimtment

Helen wrote:

Yes, they work the same way on the 6 and 5R, so mostly duplicated except in modes that have an obvious use for different functions, such as M.

The Fn button is better than the central button was on the 5, because you can customise it with up to 6 items, which are shown on screen when you press it, so you know what order they are in and which one you currently have selected. The list of possibilities that you can pick from is also much wider than it was on the 5. In the case of the 5R, having the Fn button is very useful because it allows the centre button's function to be completely consistent whatever the exposure mode (it's always for changing the shooting mode, so you never need to go into the menu to do it). On the 6, this observation isn't relevant since there is the physical mode dial.

Many thanks for the info Helen,

Seems more useful than the controls on my actual Nex-5

After a research, I understood now what you are talking about with the 6 customizable items:

Also, seems that the Nex-6 (instead of the Nex-5R), re-introduced the Quick Navi menu


"With the NEX-6, Sony has reintroduced the 'Quick Navi' display last seen on its pre-SLT DSLRs. Hidden away as a display option via the Camera menu, you can enable it as one of the info views that the DISP button cycles through. Once onscreen, if you then press the 'Fn' button you can use either of the camera's two dials to navigate among options and make selections, virtually eliminating the need to ever visit the Camera menu again."

I never used such a menu (my A55 does not have it)... But it looks also a good way for rapid access to the settings.

Out Of topic: Wondering why Sony did not introduce similar Fn function as in recent Alphas (side menu parameters with direct access to available settings and change via dials)

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