Ok, i NOW have a Canon 650d (lens/external flash/tips) info required *newbie*

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Re: Ok, i NOW have a Canon 650d (lens/external flash/tips) info required *newbie*

i will primarily shooting / capturing family, baby, holiday landmarks/touristy things and filming family videos which i would want to burn onto dvd

i have the standard lens kit. i was looking for another good lens to buy possibly 35mm? which is the best lens to get for the canon 650d and will it automatically autofocus? if it doesn't, is it easy to configure myself...(newbie)

The lenses specifically designed for the 650D's "hybrid AF" are the 18-135mm STM zoom and the 40mm STM "pancake" prime. Since you already bought the 650D with standard 18-55mm zoom lens, I suspect the 18-135 STM may be out of budget for you if to be bought separately. However, that was also the lens to get if you intended to do video.

For now, you should just try out the basic lens, as it would do well enough for all the things you plan on shooting.

i know the canon is 5fps, does that mean i can take 5 quite shot pictures per second, is it a type of burst mode? how do i configure this?

It's called Continuous, and it can be accessed in two ways:

1) Press the "left" button on the directional pad. It's the one with the icon that looks like stacked paper or;

2) Press "Q" on the LCD or the "Q" button above the directional pad. Then tap on the icon just right of "One Shot". By default, the icon should look one one single rectangle (this means "single-shot mode", one photo per shutter press).

Both of the above methods will take you to the menu where you can select Continuous. On this menu, select the one with the icon of the stacked paper. This icon should be second from the left. If you are not immediately taken back to the main screen after tapping on it, press Set.

Once set, the icon on-screen should now appear as stacked paper. While in this mode, your camera will keep shooting for as long as you hold down the shutter button.

sorry for these questions and i know some of them may sound dumb...i just hope i don't regret returning my d3200...

Keep calm, and read the manual.

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