Fujifilm XE1 is competing against Nex 6....

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Re: Fujifilm XE1 is competing against Nex 6....

The X-E1 is a well thought out & stylish camera , it is not a me-too design but has been designed from scratch using elements from older film models but combining this with the latest digital technology.

It does not have all the features of the NEX range but seems to concentrate on time tested priciples of a good approach using established core photographic values.. This is best appreciated by looking at the growing lens range. Fuji started with three good primes with FLs carefully chosen. They have now added a mefium range kit zoom with a good specification with the promise of more to come. These lenses have not been designed down to a lower price but are a good compromise between price & performance in order to appeal to the enthusiast user.

Fuji have not been slow in introducing firmware upgrades to bring about improvements & there is no reason to doubt that will not continue .

FujI have one major advantage in that they don`t have to accomodate a line of legacy lenses & if they decided to venture into FF mirrorless territory that would really put the cat amongst the pidgeons !

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