Which lenses for architecture?

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Re: Which lenses for architecture?

MatsP wrote:

I'm going to do so some architecture photography, probably for publishing. So I need wide angle sharp optics. What do you recommend? 12/2,0? 9-18? 7-14? Even Samyang 7,5, de-fished? Is there any tilt-shift option at all out there?

I have done some work of this kind earlier mainly wiith a 40D and Sigma 10-20. This is really not the best you can get, but quite okay if you don't make the pictures too big.

Now I have an OMD and the widest lens I have so far is the 12-50. I feel it may be wide enough for most situations but not all, and probably not sharp enough.

I'm not sure I'll get paid, so budget is a concern. 7-14 has twice the price of the 9-18, but is it two times better? Samyang 7,5 is cheap and said to be sharp, and you can do "defishing" f ex with DxO Pro (wich I have), but is it usable in practice for rectilinear photography?

I am very much an amateur architecture student, but I do like to record what I am seeing as I wander around new places. For stills photography I use the Panasonic GH2 with the 14-140mm zoom on it most of the time. At the long end I find it useful for handheld recording of architectural details such as gargoyles, although it is often not wide enough at the wide end for architectural photography in cities.

My preference here is for the Panasonic 7-14mm, which makes it possible to capture a whole cathedral from the space in front of it. Yes, it is an expensive lens, but you get what you pay for, and I was lucky enough to find a retailer who sold it to me well below the list price because he wanted some cash quickly. The Olympus 9-18mm is not a bad lens, but I find the 7mm end of the 7-14mm comes in for most architectural use.

AFAIK there is no tilt and shift lens on the market with a m43 mount. Possibly the best way forward is to seek out something like a Canon FD mount T&S lens and then mount it via an adapter. You will not get a very wide angle of view though.

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