i wonder why one should not prefer Nikon over Canon !!

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Re: Nikon have huge QC and service problems

Barry Fitzgerald wrote:

cerberusjf wrote:

But what the specs don't tell you about is customer service.

The impression I get is that the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing at Nikon and that many of the people are brand new or don't know their job.

i don't know what Canon customer service is like, but it's hard to imagine it could be worse. But therre's nothing about customer service on the spec. sheet..

Have to agree their customer support is poor and tedious (ie send it in...right did that twice didn't fix it so now what?) Though at least they respond (Pentax have IMO the worst customer support of all makers)

QC issues abound for Nikon, oil splats on the D7000 and D600, back focus problems across many models, left side mis alignment on the D800 (and said nothing about it hoping it would go away), the list goes on and on.

Forget "on paper" yes Nikon own everyone "on paper" but in reality they're cutting corners and have shoddy QC (how does a £2000 body like the D800 get outside the factory with those issues?)

if nikon is facing such a sensor problem then they have to fix it without throwing their customers into trouble of sending it to company and fixing.

Canon service is disheartening as well.

one of my friends who bought a 1100D recently, got some prob in mother board.. sent it to the canon dealers but nothing turned up.

Our dealers (in Pakistan) are kings and can do whatever they want ... no matter what the real company has fixed the terms and conditions here.

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