Windows 8 touchscreen with programs?

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Re: Windows 8 touchscreen with programs?

CAcreeks wrote:

AxelR wrote:

On Windows 8, can you use the touchscreen interface (instead of the mouse) to control traditional programs, that is, non-Metro apps?

Yes, just as on Windows 7 with a touch screen. Be prepared for a frustrating experience.

Do you mean "yes" you can use touchscreen gestures with traditional applications, or do you mean "yes" it is the same as Windows 7 and you cannot?

I never used a touchscreen with Windows 7.

Late last year I was called upon to "fix" an "All in One" Dell touch screen system.

I dont remember the model number but it is a 24 inch "Touch screen" system.

The only "stuff" that worked with the touch screen was the group of programs supplied by Dell to be available at start-up.

Other than the little group of "APPS" supplied by Dell, the touch feature was only good for moving icons around on the screen.

I could find no features in Photoshop CS5/Lightroom/Faststone/Irfanview/MS Office or any other software I tried it with that responded to a touch, pinch, stretch et al on the screen.

I think, perhaps, you need to make the software aware that the touch-screen is there (the drivers were installed, as supplied by Dell).

There may well be a way to get it to work with mainstream applications, but it was not revealed by phone calls to Dell Tech Support, or Adobe tech support.

I did no further investigation, as I just didnt have an interest in it.

I fixed the problem that they had with the computer and returned it to its owner(hard drive would shut down and not re-start after 3 to 4 hours of operation it was NOT overheating). I replaced the hard drive and there have been no further problems.

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