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Re: A77 Slow ???

valenterio wrote:

Yemble wrote:

valenterio wrote:

I loved my A77 even though it was slow

What do you mean by "slow"... in what sense ???

Buffering time very slow. I had to wait for 3 photos to write to a class 10 card before I could shoot again. Even format format card time slow. Canon and Nikon much faster but I do miss the articulating LCD!!

Class 10 just means the 'minimum read/write speed' should be 10MB/s.. And that might not be acheiveable unless under certain scenario's, I have several Class 10 cards that struggle to achieve 5MB/s in normal file transfer situations..

One of the good things with the A77 is it is proven to be able to take advantage of the faster cards, such as the 95MB/s Sandisks..

DPReview do 'tests' to show how fast a buffer can empty, and even using the slower 45 MB/s cards, they had this to say

This is what DPReview had to say about the buffer speeds

"Despite its headline-grabbing high-speed shooting modes the A77 is much closer to competitors like Canon's EOS 7D and Nikon's D7000. Compared to these cameras, the A77 acquits itself very well indeed"

´╗┐´╗┐Obviously with 24 vs 16MP and therefore larger files, you'd expect some decrease in speed, but luckily, they also take advantage of the faster cards, restoring the performance figures somewhat..

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