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great composition

Mark Smith wrote:

jon404 wrote:

I don't know if the film 'look' will survive the 50% or 75% reduction from the original scan... we'll see. Hope so! But I really like being able to put the color scans into Photoshop, and then use Channel Mixer-monochrome to simulate my old B/W filters.

John why should the 'film look' not survive? If you have a slide on the light-box process and have a calibrated workflow how would say Kodachrome look less like Kodachrome, why would Velvia lose it signature bright greens?

here are 5 images one on Each of the following films:

Tri-x, Kodachrome, Velvia, Portra 400 and Ekachrome IR from 1981 (not in that order)

You can easily tell which is which and downsizing won't change that contrary to what Mako suggests they retain their 'look' present in the actual analogue image.

Look at these (click to expand)

The greens are this films signature.

This film is famed for it's skin tones

Is there any doubt what this is?

Has this film lost it's signature can you guess?

Yes, on my browser they do look digitized and not what I would expect on paper, though I can get a general feel if using ones imagination.  The last one, less so. I think your familiarity with the medium fills in some of the "gaps" when you see it on a computer screen. The mind can do that. That might explain our large difference in perception. I suspect you could better close your eyes and still see "the look of film". That can be a blessing and a curse. The 4th I would love to see printed...great composition.

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