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Mark Smith wrote:

Mako2011 wrote:

Some film looks better scanned, try to print a Kodachrome slide. Your point is irrelevant scanning doesn't lose films 'character'

Again, I think you misinterpreted. the point I was trying to make makie was only about the final output screen vs print.

You're a liar, and now you backtrack.

Really Mako,

Here is what you actually said:

"Actually, I assert that a film image looses more of the "that's what makes it film" look when viewed in any way other than actual physical print....and digital looses less of its character when viewed on screen. If you disagree....then no reason to keep using film".

Correct..."other than actual physical print" the other being a computer screen.  I did forget about projection from negative.  My bad there


"The viewing medium used during processing is why film losses more on a web page. If you are saying you process the negative then scan and re-process for web....then it really isn't film any longer is it. If you are processing your film to look best when viewed digitized....yuk. Go to the gallery....take your iPad. Look at the pic on the wall then bring it up in a web browser and compare. Much is lost in the web browser".

True....viewed on a computer screen...much of the film character is lost. That's is exactly what I tried to convey....Like I said, my word choice isn't always the best.

You are clearly stating that film loses more than digital when presented in the digital medium, you state nothing about the differences in the final display medium.

Yes I worded it poorly....but now you know as I've worded it better

You whole argument centres around that simple assertion that film loses 'character' when digitised.

No, when viewed on a digital only screen (computer monitor for example or an LED bill board)

Actually very easy to back would need to meet me at a gallery with your iPad though. True, hard to show the dif here in the forum.

Sorry but I did what you asked, and couldn't see the difference. The scanned print in this thread that already posted looks very similar to the screen, both show the qualities present in the negative.

See, you misunderstood. Compare the gallery print on the wall to the same imagine as displayed on your iPad. Are you still saying you can't see the difference?

You're a liar, that wasn't your inference at all. What I said is film doesn't loose it signature, ~I never said that they would all look the same! In fact I stated the opposite!

Text gets in the way again

Like I said originally, all screens look different, no-one can guarantee colour fidelity in all browsers and although screen viewing has it's place it needs to be managed at both production and viewing level–something easy with exhibition prints but impossible with Flickr.

Now we're on the same finally get it.  Sorry for the confusion. Didn't mean to frustrate you.

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