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Mark Smith wrote:

Mako2011 wrote:

My point is this when you scan film it doesn't 'lose' it's film like qualities.

Never said it did...said it did loose the "film like quality" when you then use a computer screen as the final display output for film.

So you're saying you never said it loses it's film like quality when scanned, only when viewed on a screen!

Yes, much of the "film look" is lost when a film scan is viewed in a browser vs viewed on real photo paper hanging in a gallery.  Many examples here prove that.

Even though each final medium presents the image in a different way it in no way fundamentally changes the 'overall look' of the originating fileā€“if it did all digital transmission methods would be worthless.

Worthless might not be the best word but if your intent is to show film in all it's glory...output to a computer screen may indeed be worthless in that regard.

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