Will the SMC DA* 50-135 mm f2.8 ED IF SDM suffice as an only lens?

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Re: Will the SMC DA* 50-135 mm f2.8 ED IF SDM suffice as an only lens?

Hello Fabrice

From your response below I can’t help but think from your getting a bit to bogged down in what the reviews say.

"A main reason I want to move up to DSLR is that I've been unhappy with the lack of sharpness of my Fuji"  "My reason for thinking of shelling out for the DA* 50-135 is that people seemed to be saying it is very sharp .... In contrast, the reviews of the 18-55 seem to be kind of dismissive."

I hope i am not misunderstanding you level of knowledge of photography here and being patronising. The sharpness of an image is not entirely down to the lens, it is in a big part down to what the photographer does, i.e what shutter speed they choose and how well they focus. The K5 and to be honest most DSLR's with the kit lens will increase your ability to get sharp shot over your current camera if used properly. One of the reasons for this is that you will be able to shoot at higher ISO and keep your shutter speed higher without significant loss in image quality. the other is your current camera does not seem to have shake reduction which can help a lot to.

Whilst the DA* 50-135 is a good lens, it may not be suited for some of the uses you mention such as shooting indoors due to the focal length, it is a lot of money and another lens combination for similar money may serve you better at this stage

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