Bought new X10 today. Question about sensor.

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Re: First characters of serial number...(?)


having a camera with old serial nr doesn't necesarily have to mean it's an old sensor.

i had my sensor replaced some weeks ago.

i just checked exif data from some pics before and after the change. using this online exif viewer : it doesn't look like a web address but you can just copy paste this into your browser.

under the heading MAKERNOTES there is a title INTERNAL SERIAL NR.

it looks like this : FPX 20953794 593130323233 2011:11:07 F7A030111822

first part didn't change but the second part (starting with the date) did change. i suppose that relates to the sensor. all the pictures since the change show "2012:10:09 ..." in this part of the ser nr. this date is in the period where it was with fuji. in the pre-change pictures it states "2011:11:07 ..."

you could check this.

if it is a newer date you might have the newer sensor. could also mean you have a refurbished camera and not a new one. in that case check the counter (also was camera in sealed bag inside the box? first time you startup camera should also ask you to give language and time/date, if not probably not new).

of course also possible the shop did the sensor change on the cameras they hadn't sold yet.

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