Really impressed with Canon's 85mm 1.2L... (3 images)

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Another shot opened up to f5...

billythek wrote:

BAK wrote:

Is the fuzzy dog picture good or bad, in your books, Bill?


It's a common problem that I run into all the time with dogs. I have dogs, and have experienced this problem first hand.

In my book, it would be better to get the whole dog face in focus, while having the background blurred out. But dogs aren't built that way. There is a reason people post pictures of cats when they brag about their new lenses.

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- Bill

Dog's can be very tough because of their long snouts that is for sure...  Using a very narrow DOF and apertures below f4 one has to be careful where and how the focus will affect the image.  I got lucky with the other shot at f1.2 that the focus actually brought both eyes sharp enough for a decent image..

The shot below is opened to f5 which sharpens the shot up pretty good, and takes care of the "out of focus" snouts that dogs are famous for..  Using this lens, I can't see ever having to go above f6.3 for my purposes anyways...  I really do like the creative options this lens provides at f1.2...

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