Legacy lenses and NEX 6 and NEX7 ..how is stop down metering and viewfinder

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Re: Legacy lenses and NEX 6 and NEX7 ..how is stop down metering and viewfinder

Bajerunner wrote:

However, I am a little concerned that the viewfinder will be a bit dark for focusing when stopped down, how do you find this, is this correct, untrue, a slight inconvenience, a serious drawback, no problem, what?

Hi, electronic viewfinders don't go dark when stopping down.

There are 2 EVF modes on the NEX-7 (and I assume the 6 too). The first shows a bright image at all times (this is usually used with studio flash), the second replicates the exposure, so if the viewfinder is too dark, your shot is likely to be underexposed.

In low light there are issues with EVFs. They can get noisy making it hard to focus manually, and also the refresh rate can drop (because the camera is trying to gather more light for each frame it shows you, thus reducing the noise).

Best of luck!

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