E-mount or adapted lens around 30-35mm not too expensive (MF ok)

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re: Rokkors are excellent, but... they do not need adapter with glass on NEX either

captura wrote:

Thanks, jpr2, what was I thinking? I actually have a couple of FD lenses an an FD to NEX adapter! I forgot because I've taken to using old Minolta lenses instead, which I prefer.

I don't see any advantage to using EF lenses on NEX, the adapter being quite expensive, an extra element, and so on. Unless you have a bunch of old Canon lenses itching to be used. BTW Metabones also has a new electronic adapter for this purpose.

yes, I know a lot about Conurus adapters, you can even say I'm collecting all available info on any kind of EF to E-mount coupling and protocols - the reason is simple indeed,  = with about 30 native and adapted EF lenses there was pretty little incentive for me to move to E-mount lenses as long as AF with them is so very slow for action shooting & tracking on N7


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