My cameras - opinions needed (long) - Please help.

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Re: My cameras - opinions needed (long) - Please help.

Gerald, I know where you are coming from.  I've consciously been using the dSLR in the past few weeks.  Literally, overnight ( ) have just about concluded that it and the lenses/flashgun are going to go. So, I'll lose a few £100 on what I paid but their value is only going to decline. Why dither/delay on the inevitable.  I was tempted by the 60D but got the 600D due to price and size/weight differential. Looking at eBay resale, the 60D has held more value in the past 12 months and might have been  a better purchase.  Such is life...

I have the FZ150, which I really like (espeially after the FZ100).  The FZ200 was/is tempting but I'm hoping the FZ250 tweaks IQ and leads to an 'FZ150 with F2.8 abd the better EVF'. If so, then I'll upgrade the FZ150 to the 250.  This would leave me with:

TZ7/ZS3 (which will be replaced with the TZ30/ZS20 if/when it expires) for all round slip in the pocket just in case.

LX5 (x2) with LVF1 - the older one is a bit dodgy/erratic on the thumbwheel and is used with LWA52). Used for all serious architecture and landscape.  Also travel partner for FZ150.

FZ50, which has limits on ISO/speed but is a joy to use on local days out.

Given you position, the 60D kit has to go.  You need the FZ200, for now, for hockey, etc.  If/when the improved FZ250 arrives you could sell 150/200 and just use the one superzoom.

The G11 is unlikely to get used much but may not be worth much on resale. So, it could be a general purpose back-up and one to let the youngsters use/borrow/learn on. Or, selling it might help fund a better external flash for use with the FZ range.

I agree with others that as few a cameras as possible is best but, as we all know, as yet, no single camera covers wide, long with flip screen, EVF and fits in a pocket.  So, it has to be at least two cameras.  Good Luck.  Stuart

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