Ken Rockwell 5R Review

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Re: Ken Rockwell 5R Review

I've always thought he sounds like a grumpy old man reviewing cameras.

Gotta love that he put the often criticized kit lens against a $5,000 Leica lens and thought the kit lens was "almost as good"!

There's just so much of this that I find funny:

​"If you do shoot manual lenses, it's easy to hit a button to zoom-in on the LCD to focus, just that it's difficult to find that button by feel" - someone needs to show him the DMF function

​"I'm used to shooting full-frame most of the time, and the half-frame (24x16mm) sensor of the NEX-5R just can't compete with full frame sensors."  - I've never heard of APS-C called "half frame" but that might just be me.  Also, great that he clears up the fact that it isn't as good as a full-frame sensor!

"Sony's ability to render colors, highlights and shadows is much less mature than higher-tier manufacturers like Nikon and Canon. If you're as critical as I am about color (few people are), Sony's color rendition simply lacks the polish shown by Canon and Nikon's images. Images from this Sony simply lack the better (more exciting and more pleasant) color rendition I get from Canon and Nikon cameras.

Sony lacks the deep resources Canon and Nikon have when it comes to developing the trade-secret algorithms and color matrices required to get great colors as completely and as often as I do with Nikon and Canon.

Great color is not accurate color. That's why Kodak was put out of business by Fuji. Any scientist can get accurate color. Great color is what looks good when photographing real subjects, and I just can't get colors as good from this Sony as I do from my pro cameras. Color rendition is delicate and subjective, and critical when you get serious. You can't just tweak it in a computer; each brand of camera, like each type of film, interprets colors differently."  ​Kind of scratched my head with this one, and eventually settled on "to each his own".... until I got to this part

"As a photographic artist, as opposed to a computer hobbyist, I have no time for fluff like HDR and all the other non-photo baloney with which these Oriental cameras are loaded today. When you know photography, you're too busy worrying about what's in your shot and how you've designed the composition to have time to waste thinking about your camera or anything else not directly related to the content of your image"  - ​"These oriental cameras"?  Haha, what does he think Canon and Nikon are?  I wonder if he still buys spices and silks from the trade routes, right next to his cameras.

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