FX to DX lens question

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Re: FX to DX lens question

You are certainly confused! You will be moving from DX to FX, not the other way around. DX is the small format censor, equivalent to APS film, FX is the larger format, equivalent to traditional 35mm film.

FX lenses will work on either format; they may be bigger and more expensive than DX users need but may be the best choice anyway. DX lenses are smaller and cheaper but can only be used in DX mode on FX cameras so only utilise half of the sensor; the alternative is to use them as FX lenses but with heavy vignetting as they don't produce an image circle large enough for an FX sensor. The 17~50mm f2.8's and the Nikon 35mm f1.8 are DX lenses. All of the 50mm lenses available are FX lenses.

The D600 will offer you the chance of DX mode if you wish to use DX lenses but to fully utilise the sensor you will need FX lenses. If you are aiming to replicate 35mm film photography you will need FX lenses.

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