Ken Rockwell 5R Review

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Re: Ken Rockwell has but one goal

I heard the name and checked out his reviews on a few things about a year ago; but couldn't stand the site format, and haven't returned. I doubt it's changed. It looks like something from Geocities circ '97. Awful.

He's a little better than the RATHER EXCITABLE Steve Huff, but I get better information from DPreview, and flickr/online lens searches and make my own mind up.

The physical parts and software interaction of a camera can be reviewed, but are ultimately subjective. The output from any given camera is completely subjective. It's art. That's why I love it.

When I see a good photo, a really good photo, I don't wonder what lens or camera was used. That element fades away and I'm lost in the moment. Noise levels, sharpness? Pfft. Since I stopped caring about that I've enjoyed photography a lot more.

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