RX1 Street Photography: First Impressions

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Re: RX1 Street Photography: First Impressions

tesilab wrote:

brandonheato wrote:

Do you recommend buying this camera. Thanks

Yes, if you can afford it. I am considering selling my OM-D already. Although the AF is much slower as compared to the OM-D, the low light performance and smaller size factor combined with great image quality so far more than makes up for everything else.

Are you serious about that? I am torn between quality and utility. I have an RX1 on order to be my "quality" camera, and thinking of replacing my NEXes with an OM-D as my "utility" camera.

I'm unhappy with the degree of customization available on the NEX-5N/7 (stuff like min. shutter speed, bracketing, etc.) even though I love the NEX-7 hardware.

The thing is, I've been finding the tilt-screen at least as valuable as an EVF, and much better for stealth shooting. I really wish there were a fast tilt screen/leaf shutter/touch focus system on the market, but right now there isn't.

So what I am wondering is how can you give up the OMD for street shooting? Or do you always use EVF?

I almost solely use the flip out screen all the time on the OM-D, but so far though I haven't really had any problems getting candid shots on the streets with the RX1. I find that I can adapt to the no flip out screen style of shooting quite adequately although i definitely prefer a flip out screen. To counter for the lack of flip out screen I shoot the RX1 at chest level, or walk around with it held up to head/eye level all the time to prevent people noticing that i'm raising the camera to take a photo of them specifically. It is definitely more awkward and less discrete than a flip out screen but i can live with it from my experience so far. And i have been able to capture shots that I couldnt have done with an OM-D in a train because of the silent shutter of the RX1. All in all neither is perfect but if i had to pick just one right now i would probably chose the RX1.

I haven't totally decided to sell the om-d yet, but I can certainly see it as a possibility. If I keep the OM-D, i see myself using it for UWA focal lengths for landscape where the RX1 isn't wide enough, but that would only happen when I go travelling which isn't very often. Other than that I probably need to alternate between RX1 and OM-D+PL25mm to see which yields better results. I probably need more time to judge objectively (without being affected by the shiny new thing love factor), but I like to keep gear to a minimum instead of bringing around lots of stuff so the RX1 seems to be a very viable compromise for all types of shots. Smaller form factor/lighter weight is a big plus to me too.

I'm also hoping they'll fix the firmware and make focus peaking work without magnification. Would like to try street photography using manual focus and focus peaking and see how far practice can take it.

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