Question about my new(used) D300

Started Nov 19, 2012 | Questions thread
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Re: Question about my new(used) D300

annaBananna22 wrote:

Just bought a used D300 on amazon. I wanted to see what the shutter count was but something seems to be wrong because every program I use gives me a ridiculous large number, one that I don't even think would be possible to achieve. I will try to attach a screenshot from Opanda, but basically it is telling me about 581,993,296 shutter actuations! The camera is in remarkably good shape and works perfectly so I'm just not believing it. Does anyone have any insight into this?

That does seem very high for a D300. It's not too unusual for a D3 or D3s to have 400,000, or even slightly more than 500,000 shutter actuations before they need to be overhauled, but the D300 isn't rated to last as long as the D3 and D4 series cameras. Two possibilities. The shutter could have been replaced but Nikon's tech. failed to zero out the shutter actuations. The other is that the mirror box assembly usually wears out before the shutter, so if that was replaced without simultaneously replacing the shutter assembly (which would have been prudent), the shutter count might be legitimately high. Try calling Nikon's tech. support. If you give them the serial number they may be able to tell you your camera's service history.

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