Will the SMC DA* 50-135 mm f2.8 ED IF SDM suffice as an only lens?

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Re: Will the SMC DA* 50-135 mm f2.8 ED IF SDM suffice as an only lens?

No, no one lens will do it all. .

While the 50-135 is my primary portrait lens, unless you're outdoors or shooting a large space, it will tend to be too long. Minimum focus distance on the 50-135 is about 3 ft.

My first lens, was and is a Tamron 28-75/2.8. It is very, very versatile. Good for portraits, good for events, indoors and landscape and a near macro with 12" minimum focus. The first 20x30 print I ever sold was made with it and a 10MP K-10D. Good glass and a good exposure and thoughtful processing will do the job.

If I could only have one lens, it would be the Tamron 28-75. The 50-135 is still my favorite and most used portrait lens but in situations where its too long, the Tamron does well. My other heavily used lens is a DA 12-24. You can never get too close.

The 12-24 was the only way I could shoot a recent, paid newspaper assignment in the subjects small office. The 12 -24 saved me when a job shooting a prom photo got complicated when a heavy rain forced us inside and 8 of her friends and dates showed up. I ended up standing on a couch in a townhouse living room shooting at 12MM to get them all in. Did headshots with the Tamron, no room for longer. They were happy, Mom & Dad were happy, I got paid and a couple of referrals.

I get to use a very large studio for dancers, a trade deal I made with a local ballet conservatory. In these sessions and outdoors, the 50-135 is ideal and its a very, very good lens.

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