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Re: photo editing on a touch screen

Nectar D Or wrote:

Last month I had the opportunity to do some photo editing, using gimp2 on a Lenovo x230 running win7, and using the pen.

Very, very good. I suggest you try it.

I don't mean to be nasty, but even still, it seems a bit suspect that you couldn't come up with a few sentences to explain where the benefit was. I would be interested in hearing about it.

Instead, you leave it to me to go hunt down the hardware, and try it.

And you're sure it wasn't the novelty of the experience that was the most pleasing part of it all ? Long term, after the novelty has worn off, where would be the benefit ?

I know that it's already plenty comfortable for me to have an accurate pointing device, a mouse, and to be able to control that pointing device with my arm comfortably resting on the table.

If there is a genuine benefit, why can't you just tell us what it was ?

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