D5100 - Can't enable HDR function

Started Nov 18, 2012 | Questions thread
RMC74 Junior Member • Posts: 32
Re: D5100 - Can't enable HDR function

I've used the HDR setting a few times on my D5100 and have never had to set the ADL auto bracketing.

I just tried it again to make sure and currently have my D5100 set to JPG Fine and on Aperture Priority (any other PSAM setting will work as well), White balance is on auto, but that makes no difference as it will still work if you set WB to daylight etc.  Bracketing is off, but set in the menu for AE bracketing if I need it.

Basically you should not need to set your ADL bracketing to shoot in HDR.  Just make sure you are in a JPG only mode and not in RAW or RAW+JPG and use PSAM and not auto or any of the scene or effects modes and you will be in good shape.

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