New camera for 10-year old?

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Re: E-PL1

tedolf wrote:

I have never understood this argument. I you are in P mode (which works like A with a manual lens) you are relying on auto exposure. It's not like it is going to be off by more than one stop-two button presses at most! Most of the time exposure is going to be spot on and no button pressing needed. In M, you set a reasonable shutter speed and then turn the aperute dial while watching the meter-no button pushing needed. If you want, set ISO to auto. Again, how far off is the meter going to be, one F stop?

"In M, you set a reasonable shutter speed".  It's where the button fiddling I'm talking about.  How many F stops it is not going to matter.  A quick way to control the shutter does not distract the eye from the scene.

Old, used DSLRs are a cheap option, so is an old GF1 (albeit the lack of a finder makes it impossible to properly brace a camera). Of course, if you can afford it, a digital body with direct shutter dial is also good, like a X100.

Epl1 has IBIS for the manual lens-GF-1 doesn't.

Part of learning how to shoot is to learn how to hold a camera steady.  In this regard I consider stabilization a minus.  It hides the relationship between movement and shutter speed behind magic.  It ties the learning experience to an arbitrary implementation of IS.  Stabilisation is a very useful tool once you've got past the basics - but I believe it skews basic photographic concepts when introduced right from the beginning.

Of course, to each their own.

The E-PL1 is good if you want something cheap - as long as your 10 year old does not bump the camera around or drop it, they'll be ready for a non-crippled camera - how about your backup body? How about your previous digital body?


Why does a ten year old need a backup body?

I'm saying, let them use *your* backup body.  Cost does not matter.  Heck, I'd let a 10 years old that I trust use my *main* camera body.  That the camera being cheap ceases to be a factor when the learner gets past the stage of throwing things around and dropping them.  9 years old sounds about right.

I'm just holding the opinion that people should generally place more trust in our kids to not do wacky things.

Sometimes bargains can be found. My daughter is using a 4MP, fixed focal length Samsung P&S that takes real SD cards and with a flash. She's 2 years old and the camera cost us $5 brand new. We're all having fun.

now $5.00 I approve!

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