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Re: An idea..

just as an update I just ordered the K5 from Beach Camera (the IIs and II are a little over my budget but I dont do much sports)

I decided after I looked what I really want to buy for lenses, I am not rich and I believe in creative constraint (give me a lens and I go and take pictures)

My comparison was:

1.) I wont go Fullframe, if I will its because I have a paying engineering job and money wont be a big issue but its a few years of doctoral studies till then and what do I care now.

2.) I dont flash much, I worked with a manual Speedlite EX380 on my 30D and that worked fine for when I had to. I wont spend 400+ on a flash.


I think I will go for a combo similar to this

KIT (18-55 or equivalent)

35,40,50 prime (one of these)



looking at prices:


40/2.8 $375

35/2.4 $185


40/2.8 $279

50/1.4 $220

35/1.8 $200


70 limited $560


85/1.8 (AFS) $500

85/1.8 (AF-D) $460

84/3.5 (AF-S, macro, VR) $528

while the Nikon prices are not bad and often cheaper than the Pentax pendants almost none of them offer VR/IS/OS. Here while I try to look at the system they seem to be enpar but I feel (after trying the D7000 in the store) Pentax just offers the better bodies. Also for the same money as Nikon in can get the top of the line Pentax primes. Also the K5 is a steal right now and I can invest into one of these primes already.

Please dont bash me if you think I compared it in a unfair way

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