One HUGE reason for loving m4/3 camera systems!!!

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Re: One HUGE reason for loving m4/3 camera systems!!!

G Sciorio wrote:

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Big Ga wrote:

Bangers and Mash wrote:

I can't imagine going through life like this.

And I bet the pro DSLR shooter can't imagine going through life with the current limitations of an MFT system.....

For those who have never photographed with something better, they think the current MFT system is godsend.

If it's really that good, every pro who needs a durable and reliable system out there would have switched already.

Pros are the last people to switch homie. We have the most to loose (our lively hood) if we make a mistake. Shooting a m43 hybrid system has been a major move for me and one that I took very seriously and thought about it for months...but that ended back in February when I sold off my 5DMKII Canon system.

Yes, hybrid cameras such as the OM-D, Lumix G5 and of course the GH3 are "that" good. Problem is many pros don't know it yet and there are lots of stuffy "mens club" photographers that hold on the idea that bigger is better.

I've shoot professionally with medium format film/digital and smaller and I'll say this -

I'm a better photographer because of hybrid cameras.

Bigger is over.

Serious oversimplification and of course biased to your style of shooting. Yeah I own OM-D and DLSR and for what I do, wildlife, birding, action the OMD is not even in the hunt. The chasm in ability for what I shoot is vast at this stage. I'm sure the gap will close in 3-5 years, but for now forget it. OM-D is fine for landscape, macro, walkabout no arguments there, but for many of us it is nowhere near being able to replace DSLR. And despite the hype the IQ difference beyond ISO 1600 is still huge.

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