Is the D1X still a worthwhile purchase?

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Re: Is D1X still a worthwhile purchase?

Patco wrote:

Kelowna wrote:

Like the D1h, this camera had a 10mp sensor. On the D1x, pixel binning was used to create a native 5.5mp file; on the D1h, pixel binning reduced the native output to 2.7mp.

I've seen claims both ways, binning down to 5.xMP, and interpolating up to 10MP.

I tend to believe Nikon's claim that the sensor is physically 4,024 x 1,324, or 5.33MP.

Actually, Nikon themselves confirmed identical 10mp sensors in D1, D1h and D1x a couple years ago.

Interview with Kiyoshige Shibazaki, Nikon General Manager, 1st Development Department, Development Management Department:

"I guess that it's now safe to reveal that the D1 image sensor, with specifications noting a pixel count of 2.7-million pixels, actually had a pixel count of 10.8-million pixels.
The technical reason for an actual pixel count four times greater than that indicated publicly lies in the need to achieve high sensitivity and a good signal-to-noise ratio.
Unlike current cameras, for which final pixel counts account for individual pixels, we had to include multiple pixels in each pixel unit with the D1. In short, our development of an image sensor with so many pixels at such an early stage in the history of digital cameras indicates the importance placed on SLR camera development at Nikon."

Identical 10mp sensors, but different Bayer filters (2x2 photosites per color pixel for D1 and D1h, 1x2 photosites per color pixel for D1x)

Some reviewers confirmed this by microscope, I can't remember which though (Thom Hogan?)

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