Olympus 17/1.8 review

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Amin Sabet wrote:

noirdesir wrote:

Amin Sabet wrote:

The 17/1.8 has more red/cyan lateral CA. The 20/1.7 has more purple/green fringing, which I think is a combination of longitudinal CA and spherochromatism (definitely not sensor blooming - everywhere you see the purple fringing, you also see green fringing. Clearly some sort of optical aberration).


do you mean with that if there is purple 'fringing' but no green fringing it might not be lens related but sensor blooming?

No, I don't think any purple fringing is due to sensor blooming. I think PF is always lens related. Perhaps occasionally microlens related.

And if some of it is microlens related, it could show up in a pinhole camera and likely would depend the angle of incidence (which can be varied by varying the distance between pinhole and sensor). And Anders has a microlens-related theory for some purple ghosting which he is not yet ready to share with us but also depends on the angle of incidence.

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