E-mount or adapted lens around 30-35mm not too expensive (MF ok)

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re: for Canon FD lenses on NEX it suffices to use FD to E-mount adapter...

captura wrote:

Some of the Nikon and also the Canon to NEX adapters require an additional glass element in order to work, otherwise you can't get infinity. Generally it is not recommended to go this route, especially with the cheaper adapters.

EF lenses are current and therefore not considered Legacy glass. My previous comment was attributed to FD Legacy glass which requires a glass element in the adapter. But thanks for the information!

...glass-less adapter, a glass element is necessary if one is going to use FD lens on EF body, this is due to differences in flange distances btw. FD and EF mounts, but it doesn't concern FD shooting on NEX'es

re: EF as legacy - mine oldest EF lenses were bought at around 1989-90 :LOL, still perform like a dream, though; and yes can be used on all EOS bodies, but I think they're legacy for all reasons and purposes,


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