Looks like Benghazigate is getting momentum

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Re: Looks like Benghazigate is getting momentum

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If at all, I'd like to know who gave the order to have our military stand down? There was plenty of warning and time to have sent our helicopters, or aircraft, or special forces to relieve our ambassador and the other 3 men. Was ambassador Stevens becoming an embarrassment to this president? Is that why he was sacrificed?

I want to know.

So you still think it's OK to commit a military invasion of a foreign country over a riot? Why are these four guys so important and the 30 or so Americans that are killed by other Americans are just shrugged off?

I'm really glad your President knows something about international law and diplomacy, you and the Conservatards here sure the heck don't.

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It's the Conservatives, stupid

It was not a riot! It was a terrorist attack against a United States territory! Our commander has a constitutional duty to do everything in his power to protect American citizens and he failed before, during and after the attack!

So if a bunch of people here in NY attacked the Russian embassy for some reason, and they had a sub or plane nearby, you'd be ok with them bombing the city?

Bloody idiot, where did I say bomb Libya?

you said everything in his power, witch would be any thing, including what I said. i know you are not to subtle about our military and how to use it.

"everything in his power" in general terms!

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