Aperture3: "internal" import function broken

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Alpha Doug wrote:

I don't understand this. Many years ago, when I first set up my Apple ID, I was asked to pick two security questions that were only used in the event that I forgot my password. Everyone was asked to do this. As far as I know, this has never changed. Typically you never get asked unless you have forgotten your password.

I was not asked to provide answers to any security questions when I set up my AppleID on June 30 or July 1; others (see my earlier post upthread) have not been asked, either.  I know my AppleID password, and do not need to reset it, because it works; but the password is not enough:  Apple wants me to answer security questions.  Today, (after two full days on the telephone, mostly listening to gawd-awful "hold music") the fourth supervisor level up of Apple Support told me that -- because I did not give Apple a "recovery email address" when I originally set up the account -- the security questions that Apple selected, not I, and which Apple presumably created answers for that I have no possibility of ever guessing, ​cannot​ be reset, and therefore the substantial dollar balance in my iTunes account now belongs to Apple, to do with whatever it wishes.  It is not mine any more, according to Apple.

Apple has jumped the shark.  If you have investments in Apple stock, sell now, while you can.  See this thread.

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