A Film Lovers Velvia Fall (2 of 3)

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A Film Lovers Velvia Fall (2 of 3)

First off if you don't like film anymore and don't think film should be used anymore for fun then you don't need to comment in this thread.

Sorry for that first part, i just don't care to have people bashing me with their opinions suggesting that i'm stupid for still enjoying film, it happened the last time i posted film photos, it doesn't need to happen again...

Ok so on to the good stuff!!!

I went out to get some fall photos, This set is with my Velvia 100 120 film for just this, Using my Original Pentax 645, the 35mm F3.5 with CPL, the 75mm F2.8 and the 150mm F3.5 this is the result.

Here is the gallery, EXIF like information is on the photo at the top. I rated the film at ISO125 on a suggestion from a friend. (I'm not sure what went wrong on the 13th photo)


Its hard to pick a favourite so maybe this shot is one of the best.

Use Original size to view it best or just go to the gallery

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