Full-frame lens and sensor sizes

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Re: Read trekkeruss's post again

Leonard Migliore wrote:

A 35mm lens (be it full frame or crop) will have the same field of view on a 1.5 crop camera as a 52mm lens on a full frame camera. All DSLR lenses are marked with their actual focal lengths.


On the same camera, a 50mm aps-c lens would give you a smaller angle of view than a 35mm lens because it would have a focal length of 50mm.

Right, i understand it now. See below though

Angle of view is a function of sensor size and lens focal length. Perspective is a function of location. All lenses give you the same perspective from the same spot. Now, if you change focal length and move to get the same framing, you will have a different perspective because you're standing somewhere else.

Okay, so perspective has no place in this discussion, good to know. I was reading another post that convinced me to believe that you can have the same angle-of-view but different perspective (first post on this page by Craig): http://photo.net/nikon-camera-forum/00QJC7?start=20

Case in point, if i take a image on my camera at 40mm, and another at 400m, and i make a 1/10 crop of the first, i will have the exact same picture (theoretically?)

What is perhaps closer to what you're asking is, if you have a crop-sensor camera with a 35mm lens and a full-frame camera with a 50mm lens, they will give you the same framing and perspective if you shoot them from the same spot. If you have both set to the same aperture, then the full-frame camera will have less depth of field.

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Leonard Migliore

Originally, crop-factors led me to believe there was a difference in mm on ff / crop cameras. My original question, rephrased:
Given a cropcamera, willl an FF lens, compared to a crop-camera lens, shot under same aperture and mm, give the exact same picture, in terms of angle of view & depth of field?

Btw, im really grateful for your time, it helps a ton.

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